5 Reasons to Open a Physical Clothing Store

Despite the growing demand for e-commerce solutions and all the ease provided by this market in the country, physical retail has not lost its space and continues to show strong growth in recent months.

Today it is almost impossible to say which of the two purchasing methods tends to stand out, since taking advantage of the best of both worlds has become part of Brazilians’ consumption habits – including in the fashion market.

Even with all the evolution of e-commerce and the encouragement of this shopping method to avoid virus contagion in a pandemic situation, it is impossible not to recognize all the importance of physical clothing stores that continue to show resilience.

This is not a big surprise, since there are several advantages to buying in person, both for the store and for the consumer himself. So it is very clear that the physical store and e-commerce models are complementary rather than alternatives.

In fact, joining the strategies in the right way may be what you need to leverage the results of your business and not give up the physical store once and for all.

For this, pay attention to the changes in consumer behavior!

How to succeed with a physical clothing store?

The Internet has changed many characteristics in the buying journey because its functions streamline the steps of this process – starting with more specific product research, allowing the selection with great detail, price analysis, variety of colors or sizes, comparison between competitors, evaluation of other consumers and, finally, where it is possible to buy them (physical store address).

But what is left to be desired? In view of so many improvements, wouldn’t it be easier to keep everything to online sales?

The answer to this question is the secret to the success of any store: the completion/concretion of the purchase.

Many times, online consumers do not complete the purchase for a number of reasons. Their buying process is more open to interruptions or inconveniences (such as their own feeling of insecurity, low internet speed, or sites developed without responsive design, for example).

When you are in a physical store, you are unlikely to get in the way or lose your focus.

Looking from this side, it is evident that it is much easier to sell clothes to people who visit your store than it is to work only with online sales (either through your website or social networks).

The experience provided in retail outlets continues to play a key role in the final stages of purchases.

If you still need more details on this subject, we have broken down a little more our arguments that can show you how important it is to maintain a physical store!

Reasons not to give up the physical store

Learn some of the main reasons why you should never give up your physical store. These reasons also represent the advantages of betting on this type of investment! Be sure to check them out.

More than selling, you get to provide experiences!

As we mentioned a bit above, only in a physical store can the customer have a complete experience (with the space, with the salespeople, and with the product).

By seeing your clothes up close, the customer can validate the size, the material, the color, and the details.

Moreover, by exploring the physical space, you can encourage the purchase by triggering all the senses of your consumers (sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell).

The way in which you develop the structure of your physical store can intensify the whole buying experience, making customers feel invited to try, know, and buy! All this will contribute to the satisfaction of your customers, so that they will come back and promote your store.

Immediate delivery

Is there anything better than knowing that you have solved something? This feeling of pleasure comes every time a customer leaves your physical store with the product in hand. This way, it will not be necessary to suffer with the anxiety of waiting for the delivery, analyzing the product, and then waiting for the occasion to use it.

By going to the physical store, the customer has the advantage of buying the garment he wants to wear the same day! The look comes ready to wear.

The customer can fulfill this need with convenience, safety, and without suffering with all the frustrations of a delivery (delays, damaged packaging, wrong product, non-delivery, etc).

This agility is also a positive point that weighs much more heavily in the decisions made in face-to-face purchases. It is likely, even, that people search for clothing models on the internet and finalize the purchase in the physical store just to have the desired products in their hands immediately!

Reliability and Security

Regardless of age or the habit of using the Internet for other activities, it is normal that some customers do not trust e-commerce 100%, precisely because they do not feel safe buying clothes from companies that may be involved in scams or that sell clothes of much lower quality than what was presented in the ad.

Unfortunately, this does happen. There are countless cases every day of malicious sites or people using social networks to “sell” anything on the internet.

It is very important to use systems and processes that win the trust of your consumer, whether you sell in a physical or virtual store. The problem lies in the lack of structure, experience, logistical planning, and quality resources to make this possible.

In any case, in your physical store you can reinforce this trust through direct contact with the consumer. He buys what he sees, touches, and analyzes. And to finalize the purchase, there is also no need to ask for personal or bank details to make the customer’s payment, as is done in online shopping.

An important tip: if any customer demonstrates fear or insecurity to complete online purchases, try to help him with this. Show how the purchase can be made and present your differentials that ensure the safety of these people!

Quality service!

Those who follow our content already know that we do not consider qualified customer service as a differential, but rather as an obligation. Therefore, dedicate yourself to having the best possible customer service in your niche market to solve all the problems that your audience has.

Promoting personal service instead of answering everything with a robot, allows a close and competent contact with your customers, making everyone see your store as a safe and welcoming environment.

The customer must also be able to talk to the salespeople, explain what their real needs are, what made them go there, clarify their doubts, ask for suggestions to improve the service or the level of products offered.

Building this relationship is a gift granted specifically for physical stores. But you have to know how to use it, because it’s no use having a well-structured physical store, getting the best products, and failing with customer service.

Possibility of negotiation

Let’s see… physical stores open space for dialogue, which generates opportunities for customers to try to negotiate discounts, offers, or want to demand special payment and installment conditions (especially when they are loyal).

For the customer, these conversations are a great joy. For your store, they can result in good business.

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